Helicopter Flights

Right on our doorstep lie Australia's spectacular Central Ranges, covering an area of 168,000 square kilometres. This vast maze of crags & canyons, rock formations & waterholes, craters and many more natural features are accessible only from the air. We have a range of flights available, from a 5-minute scenic flight to extended and exclusive charter.

Get on board! Your Adventure playground is waiting.................

Local Station Flight

Up and over the George Gill Range to Bagot Creek; see the Central Ranges panorama; spot Ayers Rock, The Olgas and Mount Conner on the horizon! An adventure that you will never forget.

$60.00 per person (Incl. GST)

Peterman Pound

Cross over the top of the range to the remote Peterman Pound; Drop below the rim as you search for wild camels and horses.

$145.00 per person (Incl. GST)

Kings Canyon

Fly along the top of the range to the breathtaking Carmichael Crag; then via The Lost City to Kings Canyon and the Garden of Eden. Return via Kathleen Springs, Stokes Creek and many other remote waterholes. See the desert, the ranges, the canyon, the waterholes and the wildlife.

$275.00 per person (Incl. GST)

Extended Kings Canyon $310.00 per person (Incl. GST)

Remote Ferrar Springs

Just over the range is the most unbelievable visual experience that you will ever get in Central Australia Unexplored caves, rock formations and waterholes where you see wild horses coming to drink. Remote, secluded and so much more spectacular than Kings Canyon. This is THE FLIGHT not to miss.

$220.00 per person (Incl. GST) 

Unexplored Middle Ranges

This flight covers some of the most amazing scenery the Northern Territory has to offer, Including the spectacular Kings Canyon and the remote wilderness of The Middle Ranges and beyond, searching for wildlife and some of the hidden wonders this extended flight makes possible.

$460.00 per person (Incl. GST)

Magic Carpet

Design your own private charter to Gosses Bluff, Palm Valley, MacDonnell Ranges, Alice Springs and many more destinations. Your helicopter, your choice.

Ask for quote - contact us.

Remote or Romantic - after something special?

Picture yourself lifting off from the station to revel in a late afternoon helicopter flight over the George Gill Range. Land at your exclusive campsite in time for sunset drinks and tasty treats.

Dine out on freshly prepared outback fare and discover the wonders of the southern night sky as you camp in a swag around a campfire. Fly back to the station the next morning for a hearty cooked breakfast.


Extended helicopter flights available - price on request.
Doors on or off - 2 or 3 persons required per flight.
Kings Creek Helicopters are owned and operated by The Helicopter Group Pty Ltd.