About Kings Creek Station

Kings Creek Station was established in 1982 by Ian and Lyn Conway. This was originally vacant crown land with no infrastructure - no water, no electricity, no communications, no roads and no buildings.

Originally the vision was to run the Station as a cattle/camel property. Since then tourism has taken precedence although Kings Creek Station still runs cattle and exports camels. Kings Creek covers an area of 1800 sq kilometres of which 110 sq K’s is Freehold, the remainder being Leasehold. 

Ian Conway is the grandson of William Liddle, who, in 1907, was the first permanent pastoralist in the Kings Canyon region. In 1929 Liddle took up a pastoral lease known as Angas Downs Station. Liddle’s first wife was an Arunta woman from Alice Springs. Bill and Mary had four children, the eldest being Hilda, Ian’s mother.

Ian’s father, Mortimer, was also born to an Arrente Woman and a white pastoralist. Mortimer attended the first school in Alice Springs in 1914. He then went on to work for Syd Kidman for 20 odd years as a boss drover.

Lyn Conway was born in Adelaide and met Ian in Alice Springs. When they first started Kings Creek Station, Lyn was more or less thrown into the deep end as there was no infrastructure. Everyday chores were very difficult especially with 2 young children.

We sincerely hope you enjoy and appreciate our little slice of the Outback.

The Conway Family and Staff.

We look forward to providing you with your greatest outback experience!!!